5 Important Tips on How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw

fell a tree

What felling a tree entails is causing the tree to fall down by sawing it down with a handsaw or else a chainsaw. If it’s a chainsaw, it requires planning; particularly if you are a beginner.

It would be even better to have an experienced person to assist if you are new at it.

Before felling trees, you also need the right permits because, in some areas, there are strict regulations.

1) Preparing to cut the tree

Safety is a top priority. You need to check the location of the tree and what is lying around it. Is there a house nearby, powerlines, fences, barns, other structures?  If there is a road around where the tree is located, warning signs need to be put up.

You also need to pay attention to other trees around – sometimes trees fall in unexpected ways so you need planning here.

What about wildlife and birds that are nesting in the tree?

2) Which direction the tree will fall

Once you’ve checked out all the surrounding objects, you need to figure out which direction you intend for the tree to fall.

If the tree is leaning more in a particular direction, it might be best to let it fall in that direction as long as there are no objects in its way.

If the tree is leaning in another direction, it might be a good idea to get in a professional service. Wind can even affect the direction of a tree fall. Remember to also think about removing the tree once it has fallen.

3) The area around the tree

You need to ensure that the undergrowth around the tree has been cleared, removing branches and any debris around the tree.

You can’t be tripping over stuff lying around. Also, the cutting technique you use with the chainsaw will be determined by the diameter of the tree trunk – certain tree cutting tools will be needed like a plunge cut, breaking bar, as well as a few felling wedges.

4) Is the tree dead or dying?

You need extra caution here in felling rotting or dead trees – you need an experienced chainsaw user for this if you are a beginner. This is because rotting trees require larger hinges so that they fall safely. Usually, a tree is unstable if they are dead or dying.

5) When a tree gets lodged in other trees

Sometimes when a tree falls, it can become stuck or lodged in another tree as it falls. You can’t walk away and just leave that type of situation – unattended.

You need to get in experienced tree services – call for help and rope off the area so that anybody in the area is aware of what could be a dangerous situation.

Felling a tree using a chainsaw calls for a plan of action.

The above is all very important information to consider when contemplating felling a tree – being unprepared means you can expect a tree to crash down in any direction, bringing everything down with it and that could include you too – perhaps it’s actually best to get in the experts!